May 20, 2013
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Joyfully Generous


It is one thing to be wealthy; it is a very different thing to be generous. The old story of Scrooge is a good example. For most of his life he had great wealth but his greed kept him from being generous.

It is also possible to be extremely generous but have very few resources to share with others. Take the widow with the two mites (the least valuable coin). She gave all that she had, yet her total resources were extremely small.

How rich is God and how generous is He with His riches? God has both the resources to be extremely generous and the willingness to do so. He is your “Altogether Abundant, Generous-Beyond-Words, Heavenly Father.” And He joyfully delights in bringing the riches of grace, blessing, and favor to you in Christ.

I recently read a quote that helps to illustrate God’s great generosity to us through His Son…

“There is a vast difference between God giving us “out of” His riches and His giving us “according to His riches.” If a rich man gave you something out of his riches he might give a tiny amount or a large amount. If, however, he gave you something according to his riches, it would be hard to measure the vastness of the gift. God does not measure His gifts to us according to our puny scale of measurement but according to the riches which He possesses in Himself, and from which He has abounded toward us through Jesus Christ our Lord. When God does something for you through Christ it will never be a scanty doing, but exceeding abundantly!” –Unknown


One Response to “Joyfully Generous”

  1. Kathy @ In Quiet Places May 20, 2013 at 9:59 AM #

    I never tire of proclaiming that God has been Generous in His love and grace to me! All the days of my life!

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